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Buildings are made of many different materials that each have their own patterns and textures. We can collect these textures by making rubbings using the side of a crayon.

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Materials: Crayons with the paper peeled off, white paper, newspaper (optional)

Step 1: Look for some interesting textures inside your house or building. Lay a piece of newspaper down to protect the surface from getting crayon on it, or just be careful not to color over the edge of the white rubbing paper.

Step 2: Place the white paper over the newspaper and hold it tightly so it will not move. Use the side of your crayon to rub the paper and you will see the texture appear.

Step 3: Try your best to cover the entire piece of paper with the rubbing. If you are working with a partner, have them hold the paper while you do the rubbing, then switch places.

Step 4: This is a fun time to experiment with different colors. You can also layer different textures on top of each other.