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Have you ever wanted to be a game designer? A marble maze is fun way to start! In this game, the player must guide a marble through a maze only by tilting the board. The designer can create a maze with various pathways and traps to make the game easier or harder. Look at these examples for inspiration and try creating your own to challenge your friends and family!

Materials: Pencil ▪ Glue ▪ Ruler ▪ Scissors ▪ Cardboard base ▪ Scrap cardboard ▪ Marble

Step 1: Start by measuring the amount of space your marble needs to move between the wall pieces. Pick a dimension that will allow your marble to roll freely.

Step 2: Using this measurement, lightly draw guidelines on your cardboard base. These lines will help you position the walls of the maze. Will your maze be a grid? A spiral?

Step 3: Pick a starting point and an ending point on your base. Map out the correct route that connects both points. Then, draw in the rest of the maze to create challenges like dead ends and wrong turns.

Step 4: Darken the lines for your walls and erase any leftover guidelines. Use the lines to measure and cut cardboard pieces to be the walls. Make your maze 3D by gluing the cardboard walls to your base on top of the lines.

Step 5: Let your walls dry before testing out your maze! Then share a photograph of your creation on Instagram! Tag @centerforarch.

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