A pinwheel made of white cardstock. Written on the fins in colored pencils are ideas for ways to protect the environment.

Make your own spinning wind turbine to show your support for renewable energy! Decorate it with ideas for more ways you can help protect our environment and save energy and resources.  

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Materials: Pencil ▪ Colored pencils or crayons ▪ Pinwheel template sheet printed on cardstock ScissorsPaper fastenerHole punchCorrugated cardboard strip 

Step 1: Follow the instructions on the pinwheel template page to cut out your pinwheel.  

Step 2: Decorate the front and back of your pinwheel to show actions you could take to help the environment. Make sure you decorate the parts that will show once the pinwheel fins are glued into place.    

Step 3: Poke a hole in the center of your pinwheel and attach it to the cardboard strip with a paper fastener. Keep this connection loose so the pinwheel can spin easily  

Step 4: Blow on your pinwheel or let it catch a breeze and watch it spin!