60 years in the making, artificial intelligence (AI) is now demanding our attention.

Thanks to the interest and support of both the public and private sector, we interact with AI on the daily: when at home ordering groceries online and picking what movie to watch, or when at work writing an email and optimizing a design variable. AI plays an important role in facilitating the way people connect with each other and with the environment that they are in. While bridging the gaps in our social network, AI gathers a vast amount of data that was never possible before, including our preferences, routines, whereabouts, and more.

However, data on its own can’t make an impact in the world. As designers, social scientists, and citizens, we need to learn from data and put it to good use. What does the data tell us about our behavior? How does it inform our designs? How can we innovate? And how can we do that responsibly?

Join us on a panel discussion that will address the different approaches in deciphering the code of human actions and creativity. The conversation will focus on how social scientists, architects, designers, and data scientists can collaborate across disciplines and yield a new working model.